The Crown of Needles with Fraulein Schmidt 2

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By the time fraulein Schmidt gets done with him, all her pathetic patient needs is a proper cross to bear, and I think he’ll soon have one. If the sadodoc’s electroshocker gets him groaning when she toys with his nipples, imagine the rise she’LL get out of her worthless patient-slave when she turns it loose on his freshly embedded crown of cock needles. One way or another that foreskins going to wither. Thou shalt not ever be horny again, sayeth the stern sadodoctoressa. Unless he can find a frictionless fuck, his dicklet will be in no condition for regular use for quite some time after her sadotherapy. Snap, crackle and pop…grunt, groan, gasp. When the good doctoressa inserts an electrified inflatable butt plug, she takes her electrification project to a whole other level. Of course, every king has to relinquish his thorny crown sooner or later. Let it bleed! Is her slave patient still horny? The best way to find out is to test his painful peeshie with the milking machine. she’ll just have to keep treating him till he forgets how to moo. Whether that will cure the rutter is a good bit more doubtful, but that ain’t her problem.