The Crown of Needles with Fraulein Schmidt 1

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Sadodoctor Schmidt has an effective method for treating the chronic, rampant horniness of her patient. This pathetic specimen of manhood didn’t even shave before therapy, but his ass cheeks will redden up no matter what underbrush covers them. The scalpel-loving doctoressa informs Mr. Potbelly that she’s only too happy to give his excessive foreskin a trim. her treatment entails corralling his spurt-happy nuts with a tight binding of twine. Brandishing a syringe with a needle-sharp tip, the good frau doctor gives those hyperactive nuts something else to think about with an infusion of saltwater. Naturally she provides her service with a smile, especially when his love sacks start to feel like they’re on fire. Unfortunately, one needle’s worth of cure will scarcely be enough. Removing his permanent itch will take at least a litre. her record is two! From now on, his balls will really be hanging low. They look better after she’s plucked all of those unsightly hairs. Once his privates are in a proper state, the only thing left to completely cure him is to crown his cock tip with a burning ring of needles so she can apply her preventive electro-shock therapy.