Latexslave’s Initiation with Cruel Lady Selina 1

File: PoS_161215_Latexslaves_Initiation_01.mp4
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Duration: 23 min 4 s
Format: MPEG-4
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What is it about latex? Why does it make dommes feel more dominant and subs more submissive? It’s a magical material. Black magical! Once a dark lady has you swaddled in latex, you can no longer deny your deepest desires. Lady Selina wants to see how much abuse her slave can take, so she wraps him head to toe in the mind-controlling red and black material, making sure to leave all his sensitive bits exposed and vulnerable. For starters, she turns his nipples into pin cushions – nice and slow. That gets him in just the right mood to have his cock penetrated to the hilt with a lengthy stainless steel sound. Gotta get that urethra nicely lubed and stretched so it’ll be ready for some good old-fashioned catheterization. Mistress means to drain that bladder dry. His anguished groans are music to her ears. Deep, deeper, deepest goes the long rubber catheter tube, and there ain’t nothing her latex-clad submissive can do but grimace and bear it. The catheter bag fills up fast and is quickly set aside.