The 7 Deadly Sins with Lady Katharina Part 2

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Mistress’s next step is a righteous round of cock-and-ball torture, and sister Katharina gladly includes his swollen nipples in the fun. To be saved, a sinner must languish in purgatory. It does wonders for his memory. While SHE’S at it, the blessed nun has just the right heaven-sent equipment to plug all his holes. Once she’s penetrated his anal cunt, it’s CBT time. If she wanted she could cut them off, but it’s more fun to perpetually punish them. her high-heeled platform shoes lay down a beat of one heartfelt prayer for forgiveness per kick. You’ve gotta admire her holiness’s aim. Sistress loves to take confession. she has the time of her sadistic life, knowing her broken promises of respite will intensify his pain. she doesn’t live in the palace of sin for nothing. It was sooo sinful removing his chastity belt without asking. After turning his balls to mush, SHE promises to fuck him so hard he’ll never feel horny again. Meanwhile, she relaxes on HER throne as her right leg dances to HER WICKED HEART’S content. Sin is so much fun that only the palace ladies get to do it. For theirs is the kingdom, and the power and the gory glory, forever and ever. Amen!