Latexslave’s Initiation with Cruel Lady Selina 3

File: PoS_161215_Latexslaves_Initiation_03.mp4
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Duration: 27 min 4 s
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While Mr. Blueballs continues to sniff his bubbly-wubbly, Lady Selina goes spelunking with her gloved fuck finger up his soon-to-be-loose little asshole. Satisfied that the enema has done its job, SHE inserts a stretcher. Once it’s locked in place, it’s truly shocking what an imaginative domme can do to that gaping hole. That really gets him blowing bubbles. At least somebody’s having fun. He’d better show proper appreciation or SHE’LL take him out training for the marathon in those swift-soled shoes. Though his ass is already hyper-sensitive, madame decides to tenderize it further with her dildo collection. All the way in…and out they slide as his bubbles double. she’s got him ready for two…three…four fingers now. As the dildos keep getting bigger, can fisting time be far away? Thanks to the joys of latex, Lady Selina is able to render his head and hands even more helpless before conducting the final sperm-test. Got plenty here! But this is just the initiation. Imagine the fun he’ll have once he’s totally broken and ready for full-time sex slavery. New applications for house slaves may soon be accepted. The line forms at the door.