An Eye for an Eye

File Name: bod_lib_on_an_eye_for_an_eye_cr_ms.mp4
Studio: Bondage Liberation
Featuring: Elise Graves, Kino Payne, Lita Lecherous
Format: MPEG-4
File Size: 441 MiB
Duration: 14 min 14 s
Resolution: 1920×1080 (16:9)

Elise finds it very annoying when people talk incessantly about television shows. Her brain quickly shuts down and looses interest. She desperately wants to redirect the conversation elsewhere – someplace more interesting. When all else fails, she is also open to tying up, gagging, and beating the asses of those that are TV obsessed, just to get them to shut up about it. Enter: Lita Lecherous and Kino Payne – two incredibly TV-obsessed individuals. Elise had to listen to them discuss different TV shows all day until she couldn’t stand it anymore. Elise first secures each of their arms behind their back and up with a supporting line with rope. Facing one another, Lita and Kino are then tied at the waist, bringing them in close – eye to eye. Elise noticed that it is Lita who is instigating most of the discussion, so she chooses to gag her with a dildo gag, which means that it is Kino’s mouth who gets stuffed with the phallic object. Elise’s instructions to the two of them are simple: Do not let that dildo leave Kino’s mouth, no matter what. Using canes, paddles, and yard sticks, Elise proceeds to turn the cheeks of both butts a nice shade of pink, with red stripes. It seems as though Elise managed to redirect the conversation to something more amenable to her liking after all.