Drink It with Lady Katharina! 1

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We got this slave in a cage who hasn’t been too careful about doing his chores, so Lady Katharina isn’t too careful about reminding him why he’s in the cage…instead of her. He begs to promise he’ll do better, but nothing he does ever gets better. Not to worry – The superassertive domina will make sure he never neglects his promises again. Unfortunately for him, ball busting is her favourite sport. Before he grasps the trouble he’s in, Mistress has him tightly bound and defenceless in HER bed. The decisive dominatrix knows exactly what to do with her stiletto heels. When he continues to displease her with his unbending mediocrity, The incensed domme locks his balls in a spiked cage and colours them a rougher shade of gentle. Purpling up his nipples with her cherry-red nails, she takes him to levels of pain he’s never known before. Pay no attention to his anguished screams. He’s where he wants to be. Too bad for him! When she shows him what she can do with nipple clamps, it gets a rise out of him, so SHE promises that from now on, it will only get worse. If he hates these painful moments so much, why does his cock keeps jerking round at attention.