Drink It with Lady Katharina! 2

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The fun continues for Lady Katharina, but not for bumble boy. Why should he have any fun when he does nothing right? Mistress knows how to discipline him. She’s a professional sadist. The more he screams in agony, the more she gloats with glee. After calming him with false hopes of mercy, SHE ups the torment and smiles HER beautiful sadistic smile, which is why we look forward to HER every clip. Is there anything more seductive than a dominatrix who loves HER work? As soon as she grabs the electro-controls, he’s screaming bloody murder – not the smartest way to persuade her to turn off the juice. To shut him up, the resourceful sadista mounts a funnel to his muzzle and washes his mouth out with all the water he can drink. He writhes and spills. Lucky for him SHE’S using water. She wouldn’t take too kindly if he stank up the bed with HER latest vintage of frothier stuff. Unless he drinks it all, SHE’LL make him wear spikes on his cock. Most people would find that a no-brainer, but slave boy no longer has a brain. MISTRESS does the thinking; he does the drinking. “Still thirsty?” SHE asks kindly. No problem. Mistress has more bottles at hand.