Coerced Smoking for my slave in the rebreather hood

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I come home from dinner w friends and am annoyed that everywhere We went was non-smoking! I have a hunger for some nicotine and buttmonk is going to get to be a part of it. I have him tied with his hands up and behind his neck, connected to a chest harness. He wears a rebreather hood that has a tiny whole with a metal straw in it. I light up a Virginia Slims 120s cigarette and blow the smoke into his breathing straw. I time My breaths with his so that when he inhales he breathes in My smoky exhale. I close off his air hole and delight in watching the rebreather hood cling to his face as he rebreathes his own air and struggles to get more oxygen in his lungs. At times I let him have clean air, but for the most part he gets My smoky air, one cigarette after another. I grab a hitachi and take things up a notch as I fill his lungs with smoke as he tries to catch his breath and cum.

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