Mark in latex suit and ball hood with breathing bag

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I have been friends with Mark for a while now. He has been very generous to allow me to take care of several of his wonderful bondage gear creations – the most iconic of them being his Serious Bondage chair. This chair single-handedly started the heavy bondage chair craze that we see now, I am sure of it. It gives me great pleasure to put makers of gear in their own devices, and this was no exception. However, Mark is also a heavy rubber freak, and I had just the suit that I wanted him to take a ride in.

Dressing Mark in a thin black latex hood with micro holes over the eyes and nose area, it gives the appearance that there are no holes at all. Once we pull the open-face hood of the heavy transparent rubber Studio Gum suit over the black hood – he is instantly transformed into something new – something akin to a black hole, in my opinion. After strapping Mark into the chair, I added an inflatable ball hood with rebreather bag. I am transfixed by the fact that his air is captured in the bag – love it!

The hood is not a perfect creation, and thus, it needs to come off after a short while, but that gives me the opportunity to put my transparent gas mask over that soulless face of his. By now, both Mark and I are deep into rubber space (I simply have to smell it!), and I felt that the addition of a vibrator would put it over the top. Sitting in Mark’s lap, I alternate using the vibrator on myself, Mark, me, Mark. I find it so sexy to see Mark’s cock sliding around inside the rubber suit. Gotta love transparent rubber! This session is dedicated to the wonderful craftsman Mark and his genius bondage gear!