Avery mean and degrading to you

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Your wife Avery found out that the Pizza Guy spit in your pizza and she thinks its hilarious. She thinks the Pizza Guy sounds like a real man and wants to meet him. She orders another pizza and asks them to send the same guy. When he arrives, she sits in his lap and looks you in the eye as she rubs against him… she tells him that you are a loser who can’t satisfy her. To further humiliate you, she makes you get on your knees and worship her feet while she tells him she wants to suck his cock. She has cheated on you in the past but has never been this mean and degrading to you. Both she and the pizza guy step on the pizza and then she tells you to eat it. She looks you in the eye and laughs at you while she fucks him, and tells you what a real man he is compared to you. The pizza guy tells you how all the other pizza guys in the are going to laugh at you and line up at your door to fuck your wife. Your wife tells you that you are going to deliver pizzas for him while she fucks him.

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