A Rubber Doll for Sale 1

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There’s no denying it; being a slave can get boring at times. Standing motionless with hands fastened above your head in a dingy room where nobody can hear you whine. BORING! But when 2 SADISTIC MISTRESSES march in, life gets more exciting. THEY do what slaves like best – treat you like you were a slab of meat. Naturally LADY SELINA AND MISS AURELIA expect you to show some gratitude for swaddling you in that fashionable latex suit and prettying you up for sale on the meat market. THEY even deck you out in a snug fitting pussy mask, so your clients can fuck you in the face while you’re giving them blow jobs. Slave life won’t be boring anymore! You won’t have time to feel bored because MISS AURELIA expects you to bring in 5000 Euros a night for THEM…despite the inferior size of your dicklet. Whoooee, whoooee, THESE WOMEN is killin’ thee. Before you hit the street, THEY strap you down tight in the gyno chair for a little advanced training. Hallelujah! It’s cock-stretching time, and slavey ain’t yawnin’ no more. The bad news is he ain’t a virgin either. In today’s demanding market, that will decrease his earning potential substantially.