A Rubber Doll for Sale 2

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When slavey can’t keep it up for Them, you know he’s in trouble. All they gotta do is find the right little something to fill his slave cave. Elementary, my dear aurelia, but how’s he gonna earn his daily bread if he can only take one little finger. If virgie don’t know how to fuck, THEY can teach him how to suck. Miss Aurelia has just the right accoutrement for that. Lady Selina invited her to join the fun, so naturally AURELIA wants to put things right with a massive dildo. Deep into his dirty cunny mouth it’ll go. her portable fucking machine gets him ready for some champion sucking, and the ever-patient Selina has finally got him stretched enough to welcome her inflatable butt plug. He’s ready for THEM to vibrate him to the end of love, but how will Mr. Limpdick ever earn an indecent wage as a working girl? He hasn’t gotten past the kindergarten stage, but with these two kind ladies willing to train him daily, it’s only a matter of time before Penny can proudly take his place as a respectable walker of the street. Practice makes perfect! THEY leave him strapped on the gyno chair for the night, so he’ll be ready for his next lesson whenever it may occur.