The Royal Treatment bondageliberation

Nurse Elise arrives at Lita’s cell after being notified of her heavy abdominal cramps. As Lita has been violent in the past, she is secured to the bed in a straitjacket with her legs open for Nurse Elise to have full access during the exam. First, Elise does a manual exam with her fingers, but needs a better look inside. Using a vaginal speculum adorned with a small light, Elise spreads Lita’s pussy wide open and gives us all a great view. Lita’s vaginal contractions pushes the speculum out of her pussy, which indicates to Nurse Elise that she is in great need of a relaxing treatment. Thankfully there is a tool that typically does just that for female patients. Nurse Elise begins using the sucking, vibrating and licking device on Lita’s pussy, but after a short while Lita complains of being frustrated by it and not experiencing relaxation. Elise realizes that this patient is in need of some serious treatment and switches to an intense electrified double Wartenburg wheel, which temporarily increases Lita’s respiration and heart rate as well as her screaming! After tormenting Lita with the wheel, Nurse Elise dutifully shoves her fist into Lita’s pussy, sensing that it is the only thing that may soothe her. This treatment brings Lita to tears and both are pleased at the results.

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