The Ritual of the Goddesses Elizabeth and Elena 2

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There are so many things a slave like you can do when bewitched by a pair of goddesses who have a much better opinion of themselves than they ever will of you. You can hold a mirror, while they make themselves even more beguiling. Their dark eye shadow and ruby red lips make them look so deliciously cruel, and they don’t just look cruel. Now that you worship them, they’ll be only too happy to enlighten you. Their cruelty is divinely irresistible because they deeply enjoy it, so grovel before them in pain and degradation. Nothing pleases them (and you) more! It titillates them when you endure torturous physical agony at their expense. As a mere mortal, that’s your lot. these CherUBIMS don’t have to lift a finger. A rush of electrical current through your nipples will set your priorities, and they won’t even break a sweat. The more goddess Elizabeth screws up the juice, the more reverent your torment becomes. Your reward for bearing the full brunt of pain is the privilege of licking goddess Elena’s ass. To further enhance your devotion, they tightly tie your balls with string and dangle a pair of heavy weights from them. Holy, holy, holy!