The four-eyed Heather covered in a cum through gloryhole

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Heather’s gloryhole isn’t your run of the mill gloryhole, There’s no glory involved. At normal gloryhole, a man can insert or remove his meat-stick at will. Heather’s gloryhole doesn’t work that way. Once the cock passes through her hole, there’s no way too remove it. The slaves body is strapped down, arms and legs locked into position, and penis passed through the hole. Heather takes full advantage of the defenseless piece-of hanging meat. Her slow-teasing edging handjob style got the dick rock hard rather quickly. The four-eyed brunette beauty demonstrated absolute control over the suspended erection with her awesome handjob skills. Heather also showed off a sadistic side throughout the entire handjob video. She takes great pleasure in squeezing and slapping the unprotected erection as hard as she can. There’s no doubt the slaves in pain. You can hear him scream. Nonetheless, it doesn’t diminish the erection. It appears pain is a source of pleasure too for the slave as well. Heather’s hands and handjob push the gloryhole cock past the point of no return. She directed the head of the dick toward her face. The dick unloaded what looked like a month worth of cum over Heather’s face. The cum load was so big it drenched her glasses, t-shirt, and jeans. The cum loving brunette did her best to eat every drop she could find, licking her glasses clean. Not only did the gloryhole cock cum-a-lot, but the dick-head was extremely sensitive. She took full advantage. The cum thirsty handjob amateur never stopped stroking the highly sensitive cock-head. You could tell it turned her on hearing the slave in agony.

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