Mindy teases the defenseless piece-of-meat

File: hnd_dom_huge_cum_filled_testicles_pour_out_for_mindy_s_pawg_ass.mp4
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Duration: 18 min 14 s
Format: MPEG-4
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Mistress Mindy has total control over the defenseless piece-of-meat that hangs in her gloryhole. The body attached to the cock has been secured too the wooden gloryhole via leather restraints and anchors. This sadistic handjob mistress can do whatever she desires too this penis. This cock can’t cum and go like your run-of-the-mill gloryhole set-up. Mindy teases the dangling dick, slowly sucking and running her tongue around it. Using just her thumb and index finger, she squeezes the oversized testicles until they swell like grapefruits. Mean Mindy strokes the stiff cock while vocalizing some brutal ideas she has for the unprotected private parts. “I want to hollow out your balls, and use them for an ashtray”! She’s twisted! As the gloryhole handjob continues, so does the torment. Like a heavyweight fighter, she speed-bags the dick with a relentless barrage of forceful slaps. Unable to withstand the physical abuse any longer those beach-ball sized testicles erupt. As sperm spews from the head of the cock, Mindy watches as each drop falls onto a plate underneath it. Her facial expressions during this sperm explosion are priceless. Satisfied she has milked all the cum from the gloryhole cock, she proceeds to abuse it without compassion. Mindy took the cum she collected and rubbed it over her incredible PAWG ass! Happy 420!

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