Stroke Til Broke

File Name: stroke_til_broke_cr_ms.mp4
Featuring: Goddess Rodea
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Duration: 13 min 27 s
Resolution: 1280×720 (16:9)

I LOVE having a boyfriend that I LOVE so much AND owning slaves and cuckolds that I can simply use to provide the life that me n my boyfriend DESERVE to live! I am SO glad I discovered Femdom!! Smiley It is like the BEST. But sometimes even the best slaves need some “added motivation”, no matter how addicted and pathetic they are.
And when I tell this loser that it is my boyfriends birthday and that I am going to be using IT to pay for the entire weekend getaway that I am treating him to, it is like totally mortified. LOL. (It is a cuck but only cuz I f0rce it to be. It hates paying for stuff for my BF haha. But it knows I will get RID of it if it doesn’t!) And it REALLY freaks when I tell it that my man wants to go to LAS VEGAS! Haha! It starts to beg and plead that the trip will be too expensive and that all the pricey stuff to do in Vegas will make it too easy for Me n my BF to rack up HUGE bills for him to pay. Awww….I feel SOOO bad…NOT! LOL that’s what slaves are FOR!