Slapping tirade with Goddess Kitsa Sakurai

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This potential slave has proven himself to be a useless, incompetent idiot! And his lazy attitude and tone has really irritated the fuck out of Goddess Kitsa. Who the fuck does he think he is, anyway?

After placing her perfume scented stockings over his ugly face so she doesnt have to lay eyes upon him. Kitsa goes into an extreme face slapping tirade. She relentlessly bitch slaps this loser from every possible position and angle, rattling his teeth as well as his brain. He is so overwhelmed that he can barely respond to her when she speaks to him.

That being said, Kitsa just continues to smack the out of his panty hose covered face, over and over again, while verbally degrading and humiliating him in the most cruel manner! In Kitsas eyes, this idiot can not do anything right, and she berates him non stop as a result, inbetween bitch slapping him into next week!

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