Severe ballbusting from Ms Quorra

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Ms. Quorra decides that she may want to send her slave to China to go work in her family’s sweatshop that they run, making clothing to sell here in the US. (She thinks it will be funny that he is the only white male working on the assembly line- and the only American too!) She also thinks it’s hilarious that he will be sending ALL of his measly wages he earns from working 18hr days back to HER!

But she gives him a choice- if he doesn’t want to go to work in her family’s sweatshop in China, he can instead endure a severe ballbusting for her entertainment! And if he takes enough for her…she will keep him here as her slave!

Of course, the pathetic slave will do anything to please Ms. Quorra and is sent off to fetch her “Ballbusting shoes”- a pair of nice, pointy-toed pumps to do some damage to his balls with!! We will see what he can take for her…