Miss Aurelia in Hands on Mr. Longdon 2

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Mr. Longdon still doesn’t get it, but he will. With that anal hook, it’s easy to teach this dim bulb proper manners. A swift knee to the balls puts a contented smile on Miss Aurelia’s lips and a howling grimace on his. She shows no mercy when she removes the straitjacket, but just renders him more helpless, all cuffed and cock-tied to a stainless steel pole. He’ll be dancing to her tune from now on. He thinks it’s perverse when she wraps him like a mummy, and the lady heartily agrees. Why else would he be feeling so anxious when she’s having so much fun? Too bad he doesn’t enjoy her love pats. An intimate night for the two of them lies ahead, but all Mr. Lunkhead can do is complain. He tells her he’s thirsty – his lips are dry – but does he show any gratitude when she serves him her best champagne? Her good juices are mixed with his for a memorable cocktail in a truly elegant flute. A snip of her scissors gives Mr. Peterbreath the pause that refreshes, and then it’s time for mistress to play footsie. You’d think he’d show a little more appreciation, getting all this good foreplay from such a devilishly imaginative mistress. Once an ingrate, always an ingrate.