Segufixed and out of control 2

File: PoS_151119_02.mp4
Size: 452 MiB
Duration: 20 min 7 s
Format: MPEG-4
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Audio: 44.1 kHz, AAC LC, 2 ch, ~126 kb/s

No more pussy-footing around! LADY KATE joins NURSE GARDEN to confirm the patient’s involuntary transformation into a sperm slave. After THE SADONURSE blindfolds him, LADY KATE brings in HER “milking machine”, and the harvest begins. Then NURSE GARDEN gets back to what SHE likes best: pain without end for HER latest conquest. “Pardon me, while I tighten those nipple clamps a trifle.” Just when HER cringing sperm machine thinks it can’t get any worse, SHE slips on the breath control mask and gives his pathetic moaning a new dimension. A proper dose of electrified stretching makes the man milk come a most delightful way. SHE says SHE’S sorry he has to suffer, but the louder he shrieks, the harder SHE thrusts in that painful probe. Don’t you love HER little black lies? After further stretching his urethra with her white-gloved pinky, SHE plugs his prick real good, so he won’t go leaking any precious fluid. This is only the beginning for him. Taking his sample to the lab, SHE leaves him there to pulsate through a long, lonely, lonely, lonely night. That oughta get him good and ready for another and another and another productive day.