Ich Bin Ein Treuer Ehemann 1

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Our faithful hubbie tries to show his constancy by getting naked in the playroom of a very domineering lady – not wifey. Lady Selina’s got a big playful bed, and though he wavers at a night of kinky sex, SHE knows it’s what he secretly wants. SHE pays no attention when he whines that he can scarcely see nor breathe in the mask she pulls over his head. He’ll see the light soon enough. HER kinda light! He protests when MISTRESS straps him to his chair, but he doesn’t put up much of a fight. Faithful husband indeed (moan, groan)! The good lady tells him wifey has paid her to compromise him and confirm his faithlessness. As you may have guessed, madame knows how to punish him for being so untrue. An inflatable gag shuts him up, and a pair of spiked foot soles ensure he’ll be going nowhere fast. After a painful undressing, SHE straps him to a spanking bench and demands he chant ‘I am a faithful husband’ after every ten whacks. As he starts to redden up, the sadistic lady decides to bring out her rubber paddle. If only wifey could see him taking his hundred whacks. Or was it a hundred and fifty? It’s gonna be a hot time on his sorry ass tonight.