How Mean Can We Be

File Name: how_mean_can_we_be_cr_ms.mp4
Featuring: Empress Jennifer
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Duration: 13 min 28 s
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Sometimes its just fun to Mentally, emotionally, and verbally torment losers. Just because we are so hot and we know we can say or do anything we want- and a loser like this will LET us. (He BETTER! Coz we wont even talk to him at ALL if he doesn’t! LOL!)
So me n Cindi just toally rip him to shreds. And he kneels before us at Our feet – where he BELONGS – and takes it like the little bitch he is. He knows he is LUCKY just to be allowed in out presence! No matter HOW bad we verbally and emotionally abuse him…haha.
Would you let us talk down to you and insult you to your face like this? Of COURSE you would! LOL you know we can treat you like total sh*tt and you would just kneel there and THANK us for allowing you in our presence- just like this loser did!