Extorting A Slave’s Money With Mistress Maya and Ella!

File Name: ella_kross_extorting_a_slave_money_cr_ms
Studio: EllaKross
Featuring: Ella Kross, Mistress Maya
Format: MPEG-4
File Size: 485 MiB
Duration: 18 min 5 s
Resolution: 1280×720 (16:9)

“I`ve had this pig in here for, like, five days now,” Mistress Maya tells me as she sits atop her slave`s cage. She`s locked him up until he gives her all of his bank account information but he`s proven to be quite stubborn. “We want all of your money and you`re going to give it to us,” Maya tells him while she pulls on his leash. Holding our feet up to the bars of the cage, we make him lick our shoes before kicking them off to have him sniff our bare feet while we cackle in delight. We mash our feet into his face while insulting him and demanding that he give us his banking information. When he continues to deny us we decide it`s time to step up his and remove him from his cage to really lay on the . We slap him, spit on him, and whip him as we demand his account details. “I can`t live if I give you all of my money!” he begs. “You don`t need to live!” we reply as we beat him repeatedly. We whip him, smash his cock and balls and his nipples, laughing the entire time as he cries out in pain. Will this little piggy finally cave and give us his money? Find out!