House submissives for Mistress Aiden & Mistress Dee

File Name: treacherous_fun_with_slave_pt_1
Studio: Kink com
Featuring: Aiden Starr, Dee Severe, Marcelo, Jimmy Broadway
Format: MPEG-4
File Size: 812 MiB
Duration: 22 min 14 s
Resolution: 1280×720 (16:9)

A scene from our first big feature, Treacherous, co-directed by Dee Severe and Aiden Starr. The plot concerns the exploits and power struggles at an underground sex club. Here, Mistress Dee and Mistress Aiden decide to have some fun with the house submissives, As Aiden warms up slave Jimmy with her hand, Dee takes a crop to Marcelos ass. Once the boys are warmed up, the ladies make their piglets stare into each others eyes as they work them over with floggers, whips and crops. Mistress Aiden pulls out a Pear of Anguish and holds it in front of Jimmys face for a moment before stepping behind him, slipping it into his ass and expanding it to lock it in place. He takes the invasion without complaining like a good little piglet. Mistress Aiden clamps the piglets nipples together while Mistress Dee continues to whip Marcelos ass, then Mistress Dee gets Big Bertha, a metal and rubber paddle thats all kinds of vicious. After a few blows from Bertha, they get a break, as the mistresses go back to the whips and crops, making the piggies asses bright red!They decide to have a contest to see which of the piggies is a bigger pain whore. They place Jimmy in the cock and ball stocks, and Marcelo in the restraint chair. After Mistress Aiden attaches nipple clamps to each of them, Mistress Dee starts clipping clothespins onto Jimmys cock and balls, while Mistress Aiden rakes Marcelo with a violet wand, making him beg her to shock his tongue. What else do they have on their sadistic minds? (Part 1 of 2)