Depraved stepdad suffer for me

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After catching him in the act, my filthy, depraved stepdad finally admits to perving on me whilst I have been getting ready to go to a party. He just can’t seem keep his disgusting eyes off my PVC clad body. I’ve decided to wear a figure hugging black mini skirt, a seductive bra top that shows off my cleavage combined with sexy thigh high black boots and elbow length gloves. This shouldn’t be for him to enjoy, however.
Really, I should tell on his disgusting behaviour, especially as I have to live with this pervert. However, I have something much more desirable in mind. His filthy secret will be safe as long as he now submits himself to my every whim.
I start by slapping him around the face, the more he whimpers and whines the more enthusiastic I become; it’s all he deserves, after all. I can see his pathetic, small cock growing in his trousers, it’s laughable how aroused he is becoming at this situation. I order him to take his trousers and pants off, I want him to feel pathetic whilst in my presence.
After being instructed to present himself with his cock and balls exposed, I catch the pervert behaving disgracefully again! Staring at my cleavage won’t help his predicament. I grab his balls; squeezing, twisting and slapping them senseless. His impotent cock needs teaching a lesson, and I intend on making him suffer for me.