Bandaged Butterfly Sounding in Dollification. Bondage Liberation

File Name: bod_lib_on_bandaged_butterfly_sounding_cr_ms.mp4
Studio: Bondage Liberation
Featuring: Elise Graves, KissMeDeadlyDoll
Format: MPEG-4
File Size: 1.07 GiB
Duration: 37 min 39 s
Resolution: 1920×1080 (16:9)

KissMeDeadlyDoll is no stranger to dollification – in fact, it is indeed an activity she enjoys very much. Generally in dollification play, a person is dressed up like a pretty dolly. I think Doll got herself into a bit of a weird spot, though, after she agreed to participate in Nurse Elise’s new research endeavor. Doll thought that she might be playing dolly with Elise, and in a way, she is. However, Elise isn’t interested in dressing Doll up in pretty clothes, but rather Elise begins by wrapping Doll’s head with a long white elastic medical bandage. Elise wants to remove Doll’s ability to see, speak, and move – and does so by wrapping each of Doll’s limbs in bandage bondage, as well as Doll’s head. Each limb is then tied to Elise’s special bed. Given that what Doll most wants to be is a dolly, her interests overlap enough with Elise to submit to her research. Once Doll is wrapped and restrained, Elise begins to explore Doll’s bare torso with her mouth. To better see the object of study interest, Elise utilizes a beautiful Steelwerks pussy clamp to spread Doll’s labia wide before experimenting with Doll’s urethra by repeatedly probing her small sensitive hole with a long, metal rod. Sounding a urethra while sensory deprived and completely restrained makes for a very happy Dolly!