Asian mistress Luzia Lowe pummels ugly face of slave

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This impertinent slave is about to endure some much needed discipline as he has overstepped his bounds as my personal servant. Certainly I can put a proper thrashing on his ass with one of my ferocious whips, but for todays punishment, I want it to be more up close and personal. And so, with nothing more than my bare hand, I throttle him with a good hard face slapping, while I command him to stare deeply into my eyes.

If he should close his eyes, or lose his focus, I use that to my advantage and slap him even harder. With each stinging smack, his cheeks becomes bright red, partly due to his shame and embarrassment from being struck by a woman half his size, with little or no option but to take it, without question. I strike him relentlessly, with both hands, until he falls into a deep state of submissive surrender.

His impertinence is now a faded memory and he is putty in my hands. Eager to do whatever I wish, whenever I wish, however I wish. Such a simple punishment, with such profound results.

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