A Lazy Roommates Lesson Learned with Fluffy and Sasha Foxxx

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Sasha is fed up with coming home to Fluffy napping the day away and leaving the house a mess while she is out being productive. Sasha comes home one last time to find the kitchen a wreck and Fluffy fast resting. To drill it into Fluffy’s head that he needs to be a productive roommate, Sasha decides that she is going to wake Fluffy up with the scent of her freshly gym soaked sneakers before making Fluffy gag on and smell her sweat soaked socks before using those same socks as a gag of their own, while continuing to dominate Fluffy with her perfect and sweaty feet. Sasha enjoys doing this so much, she decides that Fluffy will continue to clean her feet after she returns from the gym for as long as Fluffy wants to remain her roommate.