Your punishment for treason Dr. Castrator

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Your wife caught you cheating and has sent you to Dr. Castrator to deal with your infidelity. In a society run by women she does not need your consent to have this procedure done to you. A nice, slow castration is what will be happening today during your routine check up. Dr. Castrator tells you what to expect during and after the healing process, how bad it will hurt, where your testicles will go when they are no longer yours and how you can cope with being a testicle-less man in the future.

No more cheating, lower libido and significant decrease in your sexual performance from here on out. The burdizzo will pinch and hurt but this is what happens when your manhood gets you in trouble. What better way to be improved than with the hot cleavage of a sexy doctor right in your face right before she turns you into less of a man.

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