When Elise Met with the Very Sexy JewelryandFire

File Name: bod_lib_on_when_elise_met_jewelryandfire_cr_ms.mp4
Studio: Bondage Liberation
Featuring: Elise Graves, JewelryandFire
Format: MPEG-4
File Size: 417 MiB
Duration: 17 min 24 s
Resolution: 1920×1080 (16:9)

While on a recent bondage vacation, Elise met up with the very sexy JewelryandFire. It is clear to see that JewelryandFire enjoys being tied up in rope, therefore Elise decided to have some fun while on her holiday. Tying JewelryandFire to a sturdy ladder-like structure with her arms tied overhead, one knee pulled up high and to the side, and the other ankle down, creating a very exposed sexy girl for Elise to play with. Elise begins woo-ing her playmate by reaching her fingers into her mouth, creating natural slippery lubricant to use to play with Jewelry’s pussy. After working Jewelry up to squirming orgasms, Elise informs her playmate that there is going to be an exchange of sort – Jewelry is going to wear Elise’s favorite hood for her while Elise continues to pleasure Jewelry’s pussy. Naturally, Jewelry agrees, as she is already worked up. Elise puts the transparent hood on Jewelry’s head, takes the time to help her get comfortable with it, and then continues finger-fucking and vibrating Jewelry’s pussy. As Jewelry now needs to deal with the hood, her arousal becomes stronger, causing her to thrash around in her restraints as she orgasms.