Two ass “lickoff” contest

File Name: dirty_ass_lick_contest_cr_ms
Studio: ClubStiletto
Featuring: Mistress T, Ariel Black
Format: MPEG-4
File Size: 162 MiB
Duration: 8 min 52 s
Resolution: 960×540 (16:9)

Mistress T and Mistress Ariel love to play games with their slaves. Today, they purposely didn’t wipe their asses after their morning dump so they could have a contest to see which slave is the best toilet paper. Now it’s afternoon and their asses are disgusting. They summon their slaves and announce they will be having an ass “lickoff” contest. The slaves will race against time to clean their asses with their tongues. The Mistresses first present their assholes so you can see the “before” state of their dirty asses. Then the contest begins and you get to see great ass cleaning action as the Ladies verbally the slaves while they frantically try to be the best toilet paper. The first slave that finishes must yell, “I’m a dirty asslicking piggy.” The Mistresses laugh and present their assholes so you can see the “after” state of their assholes. You the viewer and the slave camera man get to judge whose ass is the cleanest. The losing slave is taken into the dungeon and punished thoroughly at the end of the video. The Ladies are totally nasty throughout this entire video and the action is fantastic. Truly an excellent video that you cannot miss. Click on the link for a high resolution sample