The Price of Desire: His Ultimate Sacrifice

File Name: atd_the_price_of_desire_his_ultimate_sacrifice_cr_ms.mp4
Studio: Angel The Dreamgirl
Featuring: Angel
Format: MPEG-4
File Size: 1.19 GiB
Duration: 26 min 8 s
Resolution: 1920×1080 (16:9)

Scene 1.
The priest is in his private hospital room where he is getting dressed. He is going home today after recovering from a heart attack. He is wearing very loose boxers (Has to be loose because when you get him excited we need to see his fully erect cock through the boxers.). He has his black shirt on though and he is putting on his priest collar. You walk into his room (wearing a very low cut dress similar to the last video.. your choice in dress .. but must show massive cleavage. Maybe wear a push up bra for maximum cleavage), and he recognizes you as making him sin in the other video. He is afraid, but then you convince him that you are very sorry and want to repent. You are so convincing that he becomes less afraid. You tell him to have a seat and you want to confess your sins. You tell him to have a seat in the chair.

You kneel in front of him and stick out our chest and begin to hold your hands in prayer, right on his lap. You tell him you have sinned and recap what you did to him in the other video (making him cum all over your HUGE tits). He gets harder and harder through his boxers with your hands still in prayer. You then continue to pray, confessing your naughty sins, and his bulge in his boxers is not between your praying hands. You gently move your praying hands and down his bulging cock. The idea here is to make cum (for real) in his boxers. You tell him that he’s a priest and should not cum again and break his vows to god. The more you tell him not to DARE CUM, the harder it gets in his boxers. He can’t stand it any longer and EXPLODES in his boxers! This should be the LONGEST scene of the clip. You continue to tease his bulge with your praying hands, very slowly until he can’t contain himself.

You are shocked that he came so hard in his boxers! You say, “step-father! You sinned again? Let me check.” You take out his cock and see he came. You tell him “oh well.. lets see how many more times I can MAKE you sin!” You then proceed to get him hard again but sticking out your HUGE tits, rubbing them all over his cock. He then instantly fake cums on them!

Scene 4 (Fake CUM)
You then tit fuck him. Plenty of dirty talk.. he then fake cums BETWEEN your tits.
And after slowly deepthroating.

Scene 5 Real cumshoot on tits and into mouth.
You slowly give him a teasing hand job while rubbing your huge tits on his throbbing cock. You tell him his heart can’t handle it any longer… he berates very heavily begging you to stop. You don’t. You continue.. He breathes harder and harder, and he cums all over your tits, face and mouth. You say, “hope your forgiven step-father”, as you lick the fake cum off your hands, and tits.