Tasha’s Morning Worship

File Name: tasha_s_morning_worship_cr_ms.mp4
Studio: American Mean Girls
Featuring: Tasha Reign
Format: MPEG-4
File Size: 551 MiB
Duration: 9 min 19 s
Resolution: 1440×1080 (4:3)

Tasha Reign is staying over at Mean Girl Manor and actually fell asleep with the 3 slave-attendants literally bowed down worshipping her all night long as she slept. She thinks its hilarious as she wakes from a restful night’s sleep that these idiots stayed in position ALL NIGHT LONG literally WORSHIPPING Her with their faces pressed to the floor and arms outstretched toward her as she slept in a nice, comfortable bed.
But now that she is awake, she decides that she wants to start her day off by being worshipped even MORE. So she sends one slave off to go make her breakfast, and then amuses herself by making the remaining 2 slaves literally BEG to be the one she chooses to orally worship her! Tasha loves nothing better the to be licked to an orgasm first thing in the morning, and these “slaves” are SO eager to do it for her! SOO pathetic! She actually laughs and giggles as they BEG to lick her pussy! She of course reminds them of who she is – a Penthouse Pet! – and isn’t surprised at how they are literally begging just to lick her.