Playing Naughty With My Toys!

File Name: playing_naughty_with_my_toys_cr_ms.mp4
Featuring: Princess Sierra
Format: MPEG-4
File Size: 629 MiB
Duration: 10 min 43 s
Resolution: 1280×720 (16:9)

Princess Sierra just finished smacking her male toy around. Now she wants to have fun tormenting the “Whore Barbee Doll” she got for Christmas…
She looks right into its eyes as it kneels before her, obediently, and tells her straight to her face- “You’re a WHORE!” and laughs at her… Princess Sierra has put the “cage-thing” back on her male slave’s “thingy”- and commands her Whore Barbee to “lick it!” while she sits on her pink throne, watches, and laughs at them doing “naughty things” at her command! Whore Barbee has to lick and kiss the male slave’s chastity device while being laughed at and called a “whore” by Princess Sierra…and the male slave is groaning because apparently it is very uncomfortable- which just entertains Spoiled Princess Sierra even more!
Whore Barbee comes with a built-in remote control device that makes her pussy vibrate when the button on the remote is pushed. Princess Sierra has fun pushing this button to control “what a whore” Whore Barbee is…She also commands her male slave to kiss and lick Whore Barbee’s underwear while Princess Sierra pushes the “whore vibrate” button over and over while mocking Whore Barbee for being “such a whore!!” and laughing at her…poor Whore Barbee looks sooo horny and uncomfortable, which just entertains her sadistic young Owner even more…