Pantyhose fetish JOI

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You’ve been admiring my pantyhose today and can’t wait to feel how smooth they are on my legs and how hot they make my ass look. Nestle your nose against them. You’re so hungry to be between my legs and see my pussy through my nylons. I put my pantyhose feet in your face and tease you. You want it so bad. Their scent hypnotizes you, the scent of leather and sweat. Don’t you wish you were these nylons, I slide you up my legs and into my crotch. Tightening around my ass I wear you all day long. Don’t you want to be my pantyhose? I have a special power to transform you into a pair of silky stretchy nylons, inching you up my legs all the way against my skin. You can smell and taste me, all my juices flowing into you. Wouldn’t that be amazing? You’re finally as close to me as I’ll let you. I own you know, I wear you now. You’re the luckiest pair of nylons on this whole planet. I’m gong to give you one last chance to stroke it fast and hard, because this will be the last time you cum before you’re forever a pair of black, sheer pantyhose. Listen to my countdown right before you explode all over these nylons.