Pain and Suffering for a brat Dart Tech

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Let’s be frank – Dart Tech is a brat. Being a brat is not necessarily a bad thing, though, to be honest, I like it when Dart is a brat, as it motivates me to be extra mean to him. Therefore, I decided to combine multiple aspects of torment into one experience for him. Starting with a tight ball tie, I gag and blindfold him with tight rope. Dart’s fingers are stuffed with pencils and then taped tightly together. This pencil torment is INTENSE! I then tie a shin torment tie on each leg. Let me tell you – these shin ties are intense by themselves, but when you flex the foot, it makes the tie tighter and more painful. So when I tie Dart’s ankles, pull them off the ground, and tie his toes back in preparation for some bastinado, Dart is feeling it even before the cane strokes! Dart is so fun to torment because he is highly responsive, constantly grunting and letting me know where he is at with his suffering. This allows me to push him further, as I am confidant we are on the same page. He grunts. I grunt back. It’s this exchange of energy that makes tormenting Dart so enjoyable!