Outdoor Brutal Face Slapping with Insulting

File Name: spikey_step_girls_fun_series_3_files_cr_ms
Studio: SpikeyStep
Featuring: Mistress Erika
Format: Windows Media
File Size: 107 MiB
Duration: 6 min 54 s
Resolution: 720×576 (4:3)

And so the story goes. Mistress Eika delivers the best full, full arm extension, brutal face slapping of hers. 
A rain of back and forth slaps across his face. Insulting and face spitting those slave in her backyard.
She face slaps him full swing, over and over, having great fun insulting him badly along the slapping 
“… sai perche’ non capisci un cazzo?.. perche’ gli stronzi non capiscono mai un cazzo..” as she spits into his face again 
“… dimmi che ti fa’ male…” as she slaps back and forth across his mouth one more time..