Oil Me Cuckold Slave for My Boyfriend

File Name: oil_me_for_my_boyfriend_chastity_slave_cr_ms
Studio: Brat Princess 2
Featuring: Mia
Format: MPEG-4
File Size: 642 MiB
Duration: 9 min 43 s
Resolution: 1920×1080 (16:9)

Mia’s cuckold has just bought her a new bathing suit. She asks him if he thinks her boyfriend will like it and the cuck answers, “Yes, Princess.” Mia makes the cuck rub oil all over her body. She reminds him that it’s ok to oil her because he is in chastity. Mia knows that it is difficult for the slave to touch her while he is in chastity and she likes that. Mia teases the slave’s chastity with her ass, grinding up against it. Mia’s boyfriend is ok with her having a cuckold, so long as she keeps it in chastity. Mia giggles, “Guess you’re staying in!” Mia tells the slave to kiss her ass. The slave hesitates. “It’s ok!” She assures the cuckold. “My boyfriend won’t punch you in the face because you’re in chastity.” The slave kisses her ass and then Mia inspects him. The cuckold is straining against the chastity device. His little guy has grown! Mia teases him some more, then uses his mouth for a devious purpose.