My piggy slave suspended by the legs and him gets kicked in the balls

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Today, I’m a little tired and want some relaxation with a good book but my fucking slave begs me that I play with him. He behaves like a stupid pet and doesn’t understand that I want silence so I think he needs a brutal shut up training! I tie up him upside down and I will make him regret it!
His position is really extreme and dangerous. After some minutes his head is red as tomatoe and the capillaries begin to break in his eyes because the big pressure but I don’t care about his health!
My piggy is tied upside down for more than 30 minutes and I am more and more brutal with him. I know this game is really dangerous, but sometimes I can get really sadistic. I slap his fucking balls and he screams in pain while begs me to stop! I know no mercy because the ballbusting is one of my favorite educational method and this makes me really horny.
I continue his torment and after some minutes his body begins to tremble. HE IS IN SHOCK! I stop his punishment, I’ve never seen such a thing. I have this slave because he can take very extreme punishment, but I crossed his limits!

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