Mummified Tickle Torture bondageliberation

Elise is excited to play with Barbary, as it has been a while since last playing together. Barbary trusts Elise and so she submits to being mummified in plastic and red tape. Elise is skillful in her wrapping, making sure that her mummy is smooth and neat. Wrapping Barbary into a mummy is not enough restriction, however, as Elise knows that Barbary is very ticklish. Therefore Elise secures five belts around Barbary’s body and then ties them to the bed. Next, Elise ties Barbary’s two big toes together and back into a flexed position, as to invite tickling! Elise sees Barbary’s cute soles and goes to town on them with light touches, digging in between toes, and a thin wooden skewer! She alternates between tickling and vibrating Barbary – making her earn time with the vibrator through suffering the tickling. These girls are clearly enjoying themselves.

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