Miss Diana Von Rigg and Mistress Anna punishment slaves in dungeon Pt 2

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Miss Diana Von Rigg joins me in a rough punishment dungeon with five willing slaves. One slave will impress us today and it just so happens, slave A has been in training for the role. The additional four boys make themselves useful as implement holders, witnessing first hand the impressive punishment that can be taken by a well trained slave.
I’m dressed in a tight red latex mini dress with gold accents: perfect for a special occasion. Miss Diana is in tight black latex, a waist cincher enhances her hot curves. Our chosen slave is hooded and bent over the spanking horse, he is nervous and his limits are about to be pushed until he cannot take anymore.
Miss Diana, being our guest, is invited to start proceedings. She starts by using a beautiful, thick flogger. Warming his ass ready for what is to come. She starts softly flogging his trembling backside, goosebumps appear on his pale skin as the strips of leather strike him. I run my hands over his back whilst is being warmed up, teasing him, reminding him of my presence. Once warmed, we select a vicious looking leather paddle. This is going to be agony.
I deliver an initial twelve strokes while Miss Diana holds our masochist steady. I deliver another 12 before continuing for another round. His ass begins to turn a delightful shade of red already. The pain is excruciating and we have barely even started. I hand over control of the paddle to Miss Diana; I know she is eager to build on the bruising backside. I stand bracing my slave, holding him still while Miss Diana unleashes on him. We ask my slave how many strikes of the paddle he thinks he should take, and he offers a measly twelve strokes as his reply. His ridiculous answer makes us laugh, for the pathetic reply we are going to double it. Miss Diana delivers twenty four strikes in quick succession, his ass already beautifully marked and we have a long way to go yet. We admire our handiwork for a moment before proceeding with the thick oval paddle.