Miss Diana Von Rigg and Mistress Anna punishment slaves in dungeon Pt 1

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Miss Diana chooses her many riding crops for the next round of punishment, trying out various types of crop on my slaves beautifully bruised ass, she eventually decides on the perfect crop to deliver her final blows to our slave. He shakes under the pain that this cruel mistress is serving him, this brings great pleasure to me, I want to see him brought to tears.
Our slave is almost destroyed after being cruelly beaten. He pleads for mercy, however we will not grant it until I have fully demonstrated his exceptional ability to take my cane. Miss Diana asks our slave for a number, naturally he chooses twelve, we will double it and inflict twenty four strokes with each of my three favourite canes. Seventy two strokes in total.
I begin. Slowly layering the first round of strokes across his already immensely tender backside with my long senior cane. Miss Von Rigg circles our slave, enjoying his suffering: taking pleasure from his pain. Once complete, I upgrade my cane to one of two reformatory canes that I intend to use.
Miss Diana holds our slave steady, despite the colour of his ass he still begs for more. Another twenty four strokes leave burning welts across his backside. Always sure to remember his manners, we are thanked for permitting his suffering.