It is making Evil Superwoman melt into a pile of goo

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Custom with no dialogue. Before Supergirl there was Super Woman. It wasn’t only until Supergirl came along that my title was changed due to her insidious rumors about me. I ordered a custom device from you that would take Supergirl’s powers away and restore them to me. You came to deliver the device at the agreed time and place and find yourself as my captive in my evil lair.

Together we will form a legion to destroy supergirl and you will be my personal evil henchman! Nevermind the fact you were brought here against your will, in time you will learn to worship me and adore me as thousands of helpless men have done before. I tease you with my shiny boots and beautiful pantyhose legs and feet and with each command you become more and more entranced and under my spell. But you pull out a device and point it to me.

I am not afraid of your pointless device, I am the Woman of Steel and such gadgets will have no effect on my powers. But I start to overheat, getting hotter, and hotter, and hotter, until I start to melt into the floor. Your device is a dangerous and powerful kryptonite ray and it is making me melt into a pile of goo. I plead for your mercy but your ray is far too much for me to fight.

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