Human Ashtray, Misused And Degraded with Lady Chanel

File: sdls_MisusedAndDegraded.wmv
Size: 165 MiB
Duration: 7 min 6 s
Format: Windows Media
Video: VC-1 1280×720 (16:9), 25.000 FPS, ~3 102 kb/s avg, 0.135 bit/pixel
Audio: Language: en-us, 44.1 kHz, WMA, 2 ch, ~128 kb/s

“slave, i want to smoke” young bitchy mistress lady chanel says. of course her old slave appears at once and first she attaches a leash on him, so he cant get away. then she gets her a cigarette and lighten it up. “dont come too close to me slave, i dont want that” the arrogant bitch says to the old slave. she loves to humiliate old pathetic men like this dirty perv. “i think you can eat my ash again” she says whil blowing thick loads of smoke into his face. next she humiliate him even more by resting her high heels into the legs of the slave where soon nice marks appears. as she puts the next load of ash into his mouth it falls down on the floor, “what are you doing you idiot? are you even too stupid to eat my ash? lick it off the floor.” and when it happens again, she announces “do it again and you will suffer…” wonderful classic human ashtray clip!