Hot Wax and Cold Blade

File Name: goddess_cheyenne_hot_and_cold_cr_ms
Studio: Goddess Cheyenne
Format: MPEG-4
File Size: 910 MiB
Duration: 29 min 45 s
Resolution: 1280×720 (16:9)

Are you ready to submit to Me? I would tie you down, taking away your freedom bit by bit, claiming each piece of you as Mine until your mind is reeling with the possibilities of what may happen next. My Body is so close you can feel the Heat from My skin and My Breath in your ear…taking you … body and mind. My hands and My nails caress you, I blindfold you, heightening your remaining senses. Hot wax drips slowly down …down to the most sensitive areas, bringing a desire to the surface. The submissive mind is taking hold and you are flying into subspace under My control. I mix the sensations from hot to cold as I tease and torment you. you feel a hard edge ..a scratching down the length of your body. your breath catches in your throat as I remove the blind fold and you see that you are in clear and present danger as the edge of My carefully removes the wax in a dramatic display. you are at My mercy, helpless to My whims…and I am not done yet. I produce a flesh light that is connected to a power tool, I pump your cock and laugh with joy as you have no choice in the matter but to succumb! Indeed! The format of this clip is to put the viewer in the slaves place, a vicarious experience!