Highly Arched Feet, Friend’s Mom Blackmails You – Foot Fetish

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You’re over hoping to see my son but he’s out honey. It’s just you and me. Im surprised you’re here actually, after last week. You were so humiliated after I kicked your ass in our karate class despite the fact that I am only a white belt and you are a blue belt. I reminisce about how I dropped you to the floor with my kicks and punches and how great it felt to have conquered you as I stood above you, foot planted on your chest in front of the whole dojo. Come over here and rub my feet and kiss them. If you don’t I’ll tell everyone what happened and how you can’t even beat a girl. How about this for a little fun.. You come over here and rub and worship my feet until you can beat me in class. We both know you will never win!