Foot Bitch Cucked By The Epic Time Traveler with Jenevieve and Olivia

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Jenevieve Hexxx and Olivia Rose have their Foot Bitch hard at work worshipping both of their bare feet. As they begin growing bored with the job the foot bitch is doing, they begin realizing that something is missing that would help with the boredom. They pull out a small dial and begin giving it a spin until there is a sudden flash of light before the Epic Time Traveler suddenly appears between Jenevieve and Olivia, with his futuristic clothing as if he may be a traveler from the future, but somehow he is already naked below his waist. Did he somehow know to be naked at this moment since he is a time traveler or is this guy always without pants? Jenevieve and Olivia begin taking turns with who is teasing or tormenting the new visitor or who will stroke and edge his exposed cock, all while the foot bitch continues to worship and deep-throat their feet from his knees on the floor from the foot of the bed, where a foot bitch belongs. Not permitted to speak unless he is spoken to, not to upset his Goddesses and have to suffer the consequences of his actions. The two of them continue edging the traveler for quite a while before growing bored with him, so they finally allow him to finally cum as Jenevieve strokes the traveler to his much-anticipated orgasm. They don’t send the traveler back to his time right away as they both continue to stroke the travelers extra sensitive cock for a bit before sending him back to his to ensuring his cock numb and orgasm ruined. After they send the traveler back to whenever or wherever he calls home to clean up, Olivia and Jenevieve continue tormenting the foot bitch to remind his place as their foot-cuck, and no matter what his pleasure comes from trying to please his goddesses feet and do as he is instructed.