Financial Domination – Pay For My Luxury Life

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Kneel down, bitch. I know you think youre working hard, but you really don’t. You still have time to complain about not having left enough money for yourself and your wife after you gave some money to your Mistress. But as you belong to me bitch, some money is really not enough to please me. You will have to try so much harder to get even noticed by me. Yes, I know your wife is gonna be very angry when you have to explain her why there is no money left for vacations or shopping. Just relax, bitch. If its to difficult for you to find a solution for that problem, I will find a final one personally for you. Oh, you dont want me to? Then find solutions to earn more money for your Mistress. You wont spend money anymore on any fun things. Because you wont have time anymore for anything else than working harder for your Mistress. Your only goal is to please your Mistress